Spending more than three months in the #menswear thunderdome will turn you into the type of dick that only cares about shitting on other dudes' gear and looking at strangers' Tumblrs instead of talking to your date at the dinner table. It’s time we all took a collective deep breath and wonder about what our grandmothers would think about all this. She smiled and said, “Oh, how festive!” when you showed up after freshman year in your neon pleather Dunks and she looked the other way when you sulked at the beach in your drop crotch pants a year later. She’s put up with a lot of bullshit in her life, so do her a solid and put on a "nice collared shirt” as she would say. This example from Eo To To is a lightweight chambray with a pocket made out of quilted fabric, which, would you look at that, just so happens to be her favorite hobby! Wear it with those new hardbottoms you found on Four Pins and she’ll hand you a month's worth of baked goods and the phone numbers of half the girls in her town. Or you can just buy the shirt because it’s dope and go back to sonning the finance bro next to you at the bar by asking what the employee discount at Men’s Wearhouse is like.