Wings + Horns Ikat shorts (Ikat anything, really) are a must buy because Ikat patterns always look fuzzy and a bit out of focus—kind of like your plans for the future. You really need to start planning for the future BTW. And by "future" I don’t mean locking down a solid apartment. I mean, like, a jobby job or an internship. Actually, fuck an internships—that shit requires zero planning. As per getting a job, just email people a cover letter that's simply the URL's of all your social media accounts. I’m sure all those fashion PR companies are really looking for someone who can talk about the failed punk aesthetics at this year’s Met Gala with wit and vigor. I never go to the Met Gala despite being invited every year. A FUCKING THEME PARTY? ARE WE ALL 19 YEAR OLD SORORITY GIRLS?