Neighborhood: Ladera Heights
Signature style
: Supreme; cut-off shorts; high socks.

Tyler, The Creator might troll the world for his own enjoyment, but the emcee and producer is also known for his heavy addiction to New York skate brand, Supreme. Tyler is not just a counter-culture fan favorite, he's caught the eye of Pharrell, Kanye West, and Yasiin Bey. If Tyler's not dipped in Supreme, he's probably in gear from his own brand, Odd Future, chilling with Terry Richardson or one of the coolest guys of all time, Glenn O'Brien.

Regardless of how many people he might piss off, Tyler's off-kilter music and fashion-sense continue to win him fans, whether celebrities, angsty teens, or regular folks. Since his explosion, you might have noticed way, way more people rocking Supreme. Thank Tyler, the #influencer for that.