I had to get real focused for this one. I'm talking bout Willie Nelson rolling his spliff level focused. Usually I just open fire with the wisdom uzi and let off a few clips for all y'all to ruminate on, but this one is different. Ain't nobody got time for silly little storytelling bullshit because this joint right here is for all my dudes that are a part of the Strugglemania.

"Strugglemania" was coined by myself and The Kid Mero. It's what we call the collective intelligence and members of freelance creatives that are on this grind. If you decide to jump into the coked out, shark infested water that is Strugglemania, you gotta get your mind right. It DOES NOT matter if you got "that gift" and are the most talented dude in your field—these freelance streets can body you with negative zero hesitation and then show up at your wake and do the Dougie on your casket. I can't even count the number of designers, copywriters, bloggers, producers, illustrators, artists and friends who I know out there trying to make a living off their craft. So, put the G Pen down and pay real close attention while I break this freelance slang down for you.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.