From: Andover, Mass.
Founded: 1953

Mention the names Andover or Exeter and people think of kids who are fed into Ivy League schools, but also a slice of New England prep style. The Andover Shop, first opened by Charlie Davidson as a haberdasher to America's future one percent, has established itself as one the nation's premier made-to-measure menswear retailers. The shop and its two locations (there's one in Cambridge, too) carry a full range of expressly made garments—mostly crafted from the finest British fabrics. But preppy Northeast white kids aren't the only ones who got their hands on Davidson's wears. Miles Davis was also a regular at the Massachusetts-based shop, frequently buying bespoke suits and even forging a personal relationship with Davidson. To this day, you can still purchase the best tweeds, ties, suits, shirts, and outerwear from The Andover Shop—the same as when the shop opened in 1953.