Although trends within menswear might not shift at the neck-breaking pace they do for the fairer folk in high heels and dresses, the landscape as a whole is in constant flux thanks to the Internet and the (somewhat) democratic landscape that comes with it. 50 years ago, the world of men's clothing was dominated by a handful of brands, leaving the choices men had about what to wear limited—that is to say, the Don Drapers of the world did not CHOOSE to be well-dressed, they simply wore tailored suits and slim ties because that's what was available. Today, a man's choices when it comes to his clothing are more about which brands NOT to wear, something that's mostly a good thing in our humble opinion. While we applaud this newfound label diversity, there are those amongst the menswear set who insist on preaching traditional values as if they were handed down from Mount Sanai straight to their blogs. Sure, we agree that a solid foundation of basic principles are important for any guy to grasp before venturing out on their own into IRL stores. However, these grumpy menswear old heads have reached a point where their rigid, often unfounded rules regarding men's clothing are used more to bitch than actually help anyone achieve the new levels of self-awareness and style they promise. So, we're taking it upon ourselves to highlight the most glaringly stupid rules of the bunch and calling bullshit.