Earlier this week, Daft Punk told Dazed and Confused that, "The problem with music and technology right now is that there’s this utopian idea that technology is going to assist you in freeing your brain to reach higher goals. But the reality is that technology just makes you lazy." Some have taken this idea a step further, claiming that technology interrupts our imaginative thought processes, disabling us from being the best we can be.

Steady Zine has released a film examining the dichotomy of the city and nature, juxtaposing it with the existence and nonexistence of technology. Directed by Dan Zvereff and filmed by Justin Hogan, Aurora visually exposes the imaginative mind, a place where "we are free to not only be our best, but to be our most. It is an uncompromised state of existence; unyielding, powerful, and a place of beauty. An Aurora." Watch it above.

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