Following their second theme, "Embark," plus a brand new website, our favorite photography zine Steady is has released the "Bodega" issue with a special launch party this Saturday in NYC (flyer below). 

Brian Kelley (Killing It Everyday), Dan Zvereff (Zvereff) and Justin Hogan (Thanks Camera) each contribute a chapter to this photographic study of New York City’s many corner stores. This time, each photograph is introduced alongside exclusive illustrations by artist Grotesk.

When discussing the "Bodega" theme, they say,

"Elsewhere in the world they may be known as corner stores, delis and groceries but in New York, these sell-everything party stores are famously (and fondly) referred to as bodegas. They are a vital institution of the city, stretching all five boroughs and selling New York’s roughly 8.3 million residents everything they need from milk to magazines. Their heritage may vary between neighborhoods—Italian, Spanish, Polish and Korean—but the product offering remains more or less the same...Even more than the wide selection of goods and local delivery service offering for a nominal fee, it is their 24-hour operation that makes bodegas most convenient. This is also the reason why store owners and register clerks end up getting to know their neighborhood residents on a personal level- because it is those purchases made in the harsh, early hours of the morning that can be most revealing of one’s identity. Most New Yorkers aren’t embarrassed by this phenomenon though, instead they come to trust these people, know them by name, and look forward to seeing them..."

Check out images from the zine, cop a digital copy online, and peek exclusive behind the scenes photos of the issue being printed, too. NYC stockists, release video, and party flyer below.

NYC Stockists: 21 Mercer, Blades, BLK DNM, Burton, Carhartt, Chrome, CRC, Dashwood Books, DQM, DQM general store, Dunderdon, KCDC, La Colombe (Soho, 4th Street), Labor Skateshop, Lafayette Smoke Shop, Manhattan Color Labs, Pudge Knuckles, Raised By Wolves, Reed Space, Saturdays (Soho), Spoonville, St Marks Books, Stussy,