Mike Tyson and Staple get together for a small capsule collection of T-shirts. The Baddest Man on the Planet is depicted through four different shirts that tap into many different references from his life. Iron Mike might be known for knocking opponents out in the ring, but there are so many qualities about him outside of the ring that are well documented.

First off, his memorable quotes make him a boxing beat writer’s dream. Remember when he referred to Lennox Lewis and said, “I want to eat his children”? That quote is printed on a tee—well, part of it at least. Also included is his character in Nintendo's memorable Punch-Out video game. And lastly, he shares a common bond with the Staple crew for his love of pigeons, so this makes the entire collaboration a no-brainer. By the looks of it, the two have already scored a first round knockout with the designs. Hit up the Reed Space website to purchase. 

[via Freshnessmag]