What? You thought street goths go in hibernation when the sun comes out? While all-black outfits and leather are usually no good for summer’s sweltering heat, there are still ways around going noir without making your outfit a mobile sauna. If Skingraft’s fall collection converted you into a street goth, its spring/summer 2013 collection has all the summer-ready street goth items to keep the dark times rolling.

For starters, designer Johnny Cota has given this season’s pieces particular details to keep your body well ventilated. There’s a baseball jacket constructed in mesh, motorcycle vests, and crochet shorts. If you’re still dipping your feet into the dark side and these progressive styles are too advanced, there are still options for you. There are a few shorts styles available to try on and also a lux white baseball jacket made in light lambskin. To check everything out visit the Skingraft site or the newly opened NY location at the address below.

7 Prince St.
New York, NY