These Sawa sneakers are currently for sale at America's favorite high-brow/low-brow retailer, J.Crew. While they're never going to offer the most #rare #exclusive #limited kicks to grace the sidewalks of the game, it's safe to say, between these and some particularly strong New Balances, J.Crew is becoming a legitimate force in the world of casual men's footwear. I like to think of these sneakers as filling that wide open gap between dirt cheap German Army Trainers (GAT's for you nerds) like the Adidas Samba and super luxe versions like Margiela's Replica. Whatever your taste level (or wealth level) may be, like any GAT-inspired style, you can be pretty confident that these are shoes you AREN'T going to hate after 3 weeks, which is pretty much true of most things for sale at J.Crizzle.