There's a few reasons why we love J.Crew: it's easily-accessible, its selection of oxford shirts and chinos can clean up any schlub, and it's relatively affordable. It appears America's two percent have caught onto our shortcut to look cool. SF Gate reports that the country's wealthy have "downgraded" from their taste for luxury and designer clothing to lesser-priced mall brands that still provide a touch of style. Instead, the ultra rich are only picking out a few high-end items a season, and sprinkling it within a base of brands like J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Gap. We don't see anything wrong with this high-low look, in fact, we've championed it for quite some time. While our bank statements might not look the same, it might now be harder to pick out America's elite from the everyday guy on the street. In India on the other hand, things are a little more defined.

[via SF Gate]