If Clipse's Lord Willin' wasn't your absolute jam in 2002, we're not sure what you were exactly listening to. Pusha T and Malice's rhymes over Pharrell's minimal, spacey production was an undeniable connection. And out of the hit-laden album, you were probably first introduced to the Virginia brothers from their hit single Grindin'. In the midst of this hype, Pusha dropped a reference about "Gucci Chuck Taylor with the dragon on the side," and 11 years later, we finally have evidence of the now G.O.O.D. Music emcee's obsession with this luxury sneaker.

In a recent Instagram, Pusha displayed three pairs of his beloved sneakers, and surprisingly, they weren't from his storage unit but gifted to him by En Noir Brand Director Curt@!ns. In appreciation, Pusha tweeted, "[Curt@!ns'] taste level is impeccable...thanx for the birthday gift family!!" There you have it, Pusha T and his Gucci Chuck Taylors, they do exist, and he has three pairs.