Have you been thinking really hard about floral print bombers lately? Is the only thing stopping you from making the purchase the fact that you would have to admit that you may have been influenced by an influencer in making said purchase, thus negating your own influence? Death to Tennis (which makes me think of that movie Death to Smoochy) has got you covered. Their reversible bomber is the Clark Kent/Floral Kent of the bomber world. You can safely remain uninfluenced and the "stylish" guy in your group of friends by just rocking the solid navy side. But, when it’s time to stunt, and no one you know is around, you can bust that floral side wide open and crush the world. Or, you know, be the guy that gets street styled once and then immediately everyone blames for "ruining"or "hypebeasting" a new look. Occupational hazards, I guess.