Many people now have smartphones capable of taking photos and recording video. Consequently everyone can become a freelance reporter. However many airlines are now prohibiting people from taking certain photos onboard.

NPR aired a piece discussing how airlines are adopting new photo and video rules, not allowing people to capture images of other passengers. The regulations limit people to only capturing personal photos. As far as the legality of the measure, the airline is technically allowed to in an obtuse way.

If you are on board a certain airline, you are on paper a visitor on private property despite the fee you pay to fly. Should you decide to be a renegade, the airline can claim you are a trespasser and go Johnny Cochran on you.

However, everyone should know the airline is not able to make you delete photos or take your device under no circumstances. They also can't prevent you from uploading material to sites like Youtube. The only exception is if law enforcement has obtained a prior warrant or there's evidence you performed a crime.

Below you can hear more of the report.


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