Michael Jordan, who was one of the best-dressed athletes of the '90s, hasn't really been known for rocking awesome style since stepping away from the court. Nevertheless, this past weekend MJ got married to Yvette Prieto in an insane tent and looked uncharacteristically sharp in a classic three piece tuxedo. We may have been expecting yet another athlete style fail, but yet again Jordan proved us wrong in doubting his skills.

The legend's buddies also turned up in their best wedding gear. Unlike many big men, Patrick Ewing's suit wasn't competing with the venue's tent in size and boxiness. Scottie Pippen provided the second biggest surprise of the day, looking fresh in a classic suit that still stood out with all the right details. But, much like his playing days, Pippen's success was overshadowed by MJ's perfection. Other guests included a tuxed-out stylish Ahmad Rashad, who came with Tiger Woods. The golfer looked like he was licking his chops as he ran through Wedding Crashers scenes in his head.