This mini Marshall Artist lookbook stars Blind Barber's own Jeff Laub (who is obviously super psyched to be photographed) and features the S/S 13 collection available right now at Nordstrom. Here's a tip: Instead of just saying someone’s in a lookbook, say the lookbook STARS them. Just like this post STARS me, Jon Moy, maker of tastes and arbiter of freedom. GIMMIE A SECOND WHILE I IMAGE MY NAME IN LIGHTS.

Right, so, Justin Bridges styled and photographed this thing. Aren’t you jealous of these multi-hyphenate skill motherfuckers out here doing more than one thing well? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK, BRIDGES. MY MOM IS STILL COMPARING ME TO JASON YU AND ALL HE EVER DID WAS GO TO HARVARD AND BECOME A PEDIATRICIAN. Now she's gonna be all like, “Jason saved an eight-year-old’s life the other day and Justin can style an outfit and then photograph it all by himself. The only thing you've ever done at the same time was anger AND disappoint me. I'm ashamed to call you my son."