This is great. Yes, there's an ongoing argument about how good the "good 'ol days" really were, and sometimes heritage clothing lovers can get a bad rap for turning a blind eye to social injustices that occurred in their often-adorned yesteryear. But Levi's a is a brand of the people, and its latest Vintage Clothing lookbook takes a trip back to the '50s and '60s, but to explore a different time and place: Motown. 

The do-everything denim brand flashes back to the ruling style of the African-American musicians whose style and sound captured the heartbeat of American youth. You probably rocked in your minivan to a "best of" Motown tape with your family, but now you can sport the finest threads of the era, too. Everything from shawl collar coach jackets, leather bomber jackets, and a handful of shirting and denim options let you explore a new look for fall/winter 2013. You'll still look cool, and have gear for the factory, hitting the stage, or just cruising around. 

[via Highsnobiety]