A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Luke Skywalker wore a pair of bleached out Levi’s jeans. Yes, the young Jedi Knight who travelled all over the galaxy actually wore denim made on this little blue marble we call Earth. One ultimate Star Wars nerd won these screen-worn pants at a recent auction which netted auction house Nate D. Sanders $36,100 for the pair. For that much dough, we’d rather have someone forge us a real life lightsaber, but to each his own.

However, the price shouldn’t come as a shock. If past auctions have taught you anything, old Levi’s jeans hold their value and a shit ton more. Mark Hamill, the actor who played Luke Skywalker, revealed that the jeans “were just bleached Levi's with the tag still in them.” The tag sewn on is that of London costumier, Bermans & Nathans, who hand hand-distressed this pair for that worn out look. If you stick by the wearing white after Memorial Day rule, hit up the Levi’s website purchase a white pair—or bleach some blue ones—hand distress, and you can have your own Jedi uniform at the fraction of the cost.

[via Wired]