Only being open a brief period, Carson Street Clothiers has already established itself as one of the best destinations to buy menswear in New York City. And when you find out who is behind the SoHo retailer, it's not all that shocking—or maybe it is. Friends and lawyers Matt Breen and Brian Trunzo decided to give up their careers (for now) as attorneys and delve into their prime interest: menswear. 

The duo's story had gained notoriety, and Bloomberg sat the guys down to not only talk about their future as menswear retailers, but how they decided to forgo their careers to pursue their shared passion. 

Trunzo saw menswear as the only interesting thing in his life that wasn't fleeting. And while he and Breen were roommates at Villanova Law School, they discussed the prospects of one day going into business together—they just didn't know it would be as clothing retailers.

And where does the Crosby Street-located shop get its name from? That's where Breen and Trunzo lived as roommates in a suburb outside of Philadelphia.

Watch the video above and see the guys discuss their past careers, how much money it would take to open a shop, and why they feel they'll succeed.

[via Bloomberg]