As seen on by Prep/Trad/Ivy bible Ivy Style, the anonymous prep blogger/troll "Richard" behind the infamous blog WASP 101 may have just been outed in an article highlighting the bizarre story surrounding the anonymous author. While chances are you've never read WASP 101 (defunct as of today, obviously, but can be seen archived here), the story becomes instantly captivating once you read that North Carolina State Representative Brian R. Holloway has potentially been behind this all along. For years, it's possible that the elected official has been serving up horrendous posts in his signature, not so subtle, privileged, racist, misogynistic and generally ignorant voice as "Richard" (which, yes, is the "R" in Brian R. Holloway). WASP 101 was so bad, in fact, that it lead many readers to believe the blog was actually a parody and garnered its fair share of hate. Ivy Style became privy to this story after receiving an anonymous email from someone hell bent on exposing the blogger's identity through their own exhaustive research. That's not exactly the most productive use of time in our opinion and, quite frankly, super creepy, but we are happy he or she did because this story is equal parts strange and amazing. More like WASP LOL, amirite?

UpdateNorth Carolina news outlet WRAL spoke with Holloway in which he refutes the claims.