Nudie Jeans makes this impressive chambray popover. Word on the street is that our EIC is on the hunt for a solid denim shirt. So, first person to link him one in the comments that he likes gets a free internship! You will even get to sit in the same office as the rest of the Four Pins brain trust! But back to the shirt. Popovers are dope because they have half the buttons, but all the fabric of a regular shirt. BORING PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE SO STRANGE. Imagine if they only had half of the fabric LOLZ! Now that would be weird! I wear a lot of popovers because, duh, they are fucking awesome. I even had my tailor make me one from some cool vintage fabric I sourced. Saying you "sourced" something instead of just "bought" something is key if you ever want to impress other dudes on the Internet.