If you've paid any attention to fashion or hip-hop over the past year or two, it's been hard to escape Riccardo Tisci and Givenchy's influence on the sphere of music and street culture. The designer and brand have brought back a daring flare to hip-hop to convince rappers and celebrities alike that leather and daring silhouettes are wave they need to ride. But is that about to change?

The French fashion house has previewed its campaign for fall/winter 2013, and instead of focusing on Christianity-inspired prints, the brand kept it classic—sort of. The model is featured in a wool suit with a wool puffer jacket tied around his waist, and wearing a button-up shirt that features visible collar stays. VISIBLE COLLAR STAYS. Will this be menswear's latest look? And when can we expect Kanye to sport one of these "behind-the-scenes" shirts? Now, this isn't the complete collection, so we're sure there are more prints from Tisci and company in the near future (in fact, the women's portion of the campaign is nothing but prints), but this is definitely an interesting take on #menswear that is sure to get Tumblr buzzing.

[via Vogue Italia]