Fabolous is currently on his "Life Is So Exciting" Tour rocking custom jerseys he got done from Delano Brown, who was contacted by Fab's girlfriend Emily (who happens to be a stylist). But another jersey he's been spotted in is strikingly similar to artist Wil Fry's Givenchy-inspired "Birds of Paradise" Brooklyn Nets jersey. This usually wouldn't be gossip-worthy, except for the fact that a rep from Fabolous' camp contacted Fry at the end of April asking for a couple of his jerseys made specifically for the rapper. Once the artist, whose small operation just opened up shop to the public with a few items, asked Fab's team to pay for them, they decided to go another route; a Givenchy-inspired New York Knicks jersey from Contemporary NY, which Fab picked up at Revive in Detroit. Fab has since been spotted at a few tour stops wearing the jersey and the artist isn't happy about it.

Wil Fry took to twitter to vent his anger:











The irony of the situation isn't lost on anyone—Fry's jersey is essentially a rip in and of itself, but refusing to pay for the "original" and knocking it off when you've got money to spare? What's the deal? We hope to hear from Loso's camp soon.