At the top of a skyscraper overlooking midtown Manhattan, the latest gear from Pharrell's Billionaire Boys ClubBBC Bee Line (designed in conjunction with Mark McNairy), and Ice Cream were rolled out for a private preview. Outer space florals, moonrock prints, insanely luxurious leather jackets, and other fall and winter pieces from the three collections somehow had us hoping for winter's quick return. 

Mark McNairy was on hand—with a good glass of chilled rosé in tow—to walk us through the fall and winter Bee Line pieces. We can't reveal everything from the upcoming season, but expect tons of surprises and dope gear to come out of the BBC camp. In the meantime, take a look at these exclusive photos above to get a peep at the astronomically fly creations from the minds of Pharrell and McNairy. Summer hasn't even arrived yet and we're already looking forward to dropping temps.
Photos by Tasha Bleu