Engineered Garments just dropped their F/W 13 lookbook and it straight crushes everything you've ever known about clothing. Catch me out here in extra extra long drug rugs and hoodies and tunics and everything. MY MONEY LONG LIKE MY TUNIC. Daiki Suzuki is seriously one of the best designers out there and, when it comes to the dreaded #menswear scene, probably one of the most influential designers of the last several years. Daiki is like the first rapper to rap about selling cocaine, but in a nuanced way—spitting bars about empty excesses, the highs and lows of a deadly lifestyle, the guilt, the doubt, the paranoia. Fast forward, like, four years and EVERYBODY is doing the exact same shit, but not at as high of a level as the original. For real though, sick layers, amazing details, eleventy billion pockets. I LUH DIS SHIT, MY DUDES. Do yourself a favor and start saving now because, just like cocaine, EG ain’t cheap.