Last Friday, we shared a mysteriously-released Dazed & Confused cover with Giorgio Moroder, which had the coverline "Moroder vs. the Machines" and today's date, May 13, 2013. Our assumptions were right, and the cover was indeed a teaser for the actual Daft Punk double-cover photographed by Hedi Slimane, who we assume may be responsible for the album's total packaging, too (from an interview the duo did with Sky Ferreira in CRFashionBook).

In addition to being on the cover of the mag, Daft Punk are part of an interview with Giorgio Moroder, one of their idols and collaborators on the forthcoming album, Random Access Memories. In it, they discuss the hype surrounding the new album, their relationship to being robots, and what they think of modern music, including calling Skrillex "a genius."

To celebrate the release of the cover and cover story, Dazed has also released a special Giorgio Moroder mix by Wriggly Scott, they got Nile Rodgers to share his top 5 Daft Punk tracks with them, and they chose Daniel Bengalter's (Thomas Bengalter of Daft Punk's dad) biggest hits.

You can buy the new issue with the full cover story on Wednesday, May 15. Keep up with today's Daft Punk Day here.