Date: Nov. 2005

In response to a slew of T-shirts with slogans like "Who Needs Brains When You Have These?" referring to boobs, and "I Had a Nightmare I Was a Brunette," a group of Pennsylvania teens instituted a "girlcott" of the store. One of the teens behind the girlcott told The Chicago Tribune: "“We’re telling [girls] to think about the fact that they’re being degraded. We’re all going to come together in this one effort to fight the message that we’re getting from pop culture.”

In response, A&F left the offending tees on the shelves, simply because people were buying them (uhhhhh what?!). The company released a statement saying “Our clothing appeals to a wide variety of customers. These particular T-shirts have been very popular among adult women to whom they are marketed.” In other words... "bimbos be shoppin'!"