Club Monaco gathered the most influential and relevant of relevant influencers and payed Justin Chung to take their photos in snazzy new clothes. And yes, your first fall drop looks pretty good, Club Monaco. But the reader can look at these photos and be their own judge. All I have to say is, HOW WAS I NOT PICKED TO MODEL FOR THIS? MY TUMBLR IS SO FUCKING AMAZING, GUYS. Seriously, who do I gotta blow to get in a lookbook? ONE SINGLE LOOKBOOK? I can walk and drink coffee at the same time too. You’re telling me a Tumblr full of rapper GIFS and police seizure photos isn’t good enough for you, Club Monaco? Fuck you guys. I don’t need your help. JUSTIN CHUNG HAS ALREADY TAKEN MY PHOTO! Sure, he deleted it because it looked like shit, BUT IT STILL HAPPENED! Check out the lookbook and some behind the scenes photos here. I'm gonna go make some nachos and let off some steam.