With an increase in all-black wardrobes, and a search for new designers to bring into the reinvented-Gothic discussion, Clothsurgeon's Rav Matharu is one the movement's contributing voices. The designer's street luxury garments—that play between simplicity and high-end indulgence—have not only been seen on the likes of Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky, but have made us question the definition of tailored clothing. The designer shared his everyday carry with Hypebeast as part of the site's "Essentials" series. Much like his brand, Matharu's must-haves fall between technical and the most minimalist. Included are Common Projects sneakers, a Soulland cap, a handful of tailor's tools, and of course, items from Clothsurgeon. Look at the image above or click here to get a better description of each item.

[via Hypebeast]