At first, this Dana Lee jacket looks way too warm and cozy for spring, let alone summer, but it’s a cotton-linen waffle knit, so stop being an assholes that judges books by their covers. I always assume dudes wearing leather jackets in warm weather are heroin addicts or something and that’s why they were cold. The only interaction I've ever had with a heroin addict was in college. My buddy and I bought a scooter off this guy wearing a leather jacket for, like, $200. It was a completely restored vintage scooter from the ‘70s—totally sick deal. Later on, I was riding around town and these girls were like, “Whoa, that looks like our friend's scooter. He finally sold it?!” And I was like, “FUCK YEAH AND ONLY FOR 200 BUCKS!” And they were all, “Oh, it’s probably because he has a heroin problem. He needs the money.” I felt bad for a second, but then I remembered that riding a scooter at 41 mph around campus is way better than walking to class like a sucker.