The blue collar mentality is ever-present in today's society. Look at the Indiana Pacers, the fascination with workwear, or better yet, look at Stalley. The Massillion, OH native puts on for his working-class roots, and has carried it all the way to MMG. And Stalley's clothing label, Blue Collar Gang, is an extension of his unwavering work ethic.

To quote Stalley: "The brand BCG represents blue collar hardworking individuals. People who are family-oriented with family values and self-made attitudes."

To put on for those who feel a little elbow grease is the best way to leverage yourself in a situation, Stalley has linked up again with BCCP to design a shirt that's definitely streetwear, but could find its way into the home of any hard-laboring mechanic. The tee features BCCP's wrench-and-screwdriver logo on the front, with BCG's logo on the black—but in purple. This might look like a tee from the local union, but in colors that will keep you dipped all summer. Better yet, it's available on anyone's budget. Buy yours here for $30.