It's Sunday evening on Cinco de Mayo. You're more than likely 13 tacos and an equal amount of Pacificos deep. The last thing you should be thinking about is a giving yourself a shave. But Boston-based retailer Ball and Buck's latest film, "The Shave," will give you ideas to clean up your Novembeard that has somehow creeps into spring. Set in a cold, winter-plagued New England. You'll see a familiar sight, a man with a beard, rugged boots, cuffed raw denim, a red watch cap, and perfectly layered outerwear, but he's not posted up in SoHo, or suspiciously posing outside of an overpriced joint that makes handmade cocktails. He's in the woods, with a tin cup and cleaning up the edges of his overgrown beard. You should too. It's time to look clean again; the warm weather is here, and honestly, that beard is starting to smell. If you need great shaving goods, check out Ball and Buck's shop after you watch the video above.