It appears A$AP Rocky has taken a brief hiatus from wearing mind-blowing, next-level garments. And it's all good. Last week, Rocky was spotted in a Supreme Box Logo sweatshirt, and now he dug a little deeper in the streetwear brand's archives to pull out a T-shirt from its 2006 collaboration with Japan's Neighborhood. It's not the first time we've seen Rocky in very rare Supreme.

This isn't the only stylish moment in this pic. The caption of the Instagram reads, "NEW SLUGGZ," a reference to his gratuitously-large fronts that he's rocking—covering just one of his front teeth. We're not sure how most of you are going to run and cop new mouthpieces to floss, and it might be hard to get your hands on this T-shirt, but this is definitely a look that most of us can sport this summer. Remember, you don't always have to dress like a street goth.

[via asvpxrocky]

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