Sometimes the best art is the kind you can use and gift to others without breaking the bank. Brooklyn-based artist Leon Reid IV made toilet paper stamped with the text "College Degree" on it, and he's selling them in his online store. He tells DNAinfo that, "I'm not trying to make a work of art, but a point here that this generation feels disillusioned that they spent so much money and time and effort and got little results."

At $25 a roll, his "College Degree" rendition has already generated a lot of conversation about how young people see college actually benefiting them, based on the ludicrous cost to get higher education. The argument definitely has two valid sides, with the article's first commenter saying, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." Regardless of where you stand, the item is cleverly made and might make for a nice graduation gift.

[via DNAinfo]