Germany-based graphic designer Antoni Tudisco has created a new series entitled "Wooden" that has an interesting concept. His digital art series converts objects and images into wooden shapes. If you look closely you can see the texture of the wood, shading effects, and overall attention to detail is the key to making it look so real.

You'll also feel very unaccomplished when you hear that he is not only just 21-years-old, but he has been sought out by brands like Reebok WomanCoca-Cola, and MTV Philippines. He doesn't want to reveal a lot about his process but he does say that a work can take 30 minutes to several days to finish.

"Some clients and people believe graphic design is just 'slapping text and images together' in order to make any print material or online graphics, like a flyer, banner, or even a website," Tudisco said. "As a designer I can say that [graphic design] is not just sitting in front of a screen, but it's a blend of research, hard work, and creativity, with lots of time spent."

[via MyModernMet]