Havana born, Boston-based photographer Abelardo Morell is known for his camera obscura photographs from around the world, which according to his website, all started in 1991 in his darkened living room. What sets Morell apart from all the other old-school photo enthusiasts  is his ability to convert entire interiors into camera obscuras, and he's even traveled all over the globe in order to capture the unusual, striking images.

With the assistance of a wide-angle lens, a very slow exposure, and some black plastic to cover the windows, Morell uniquely renders the outside world in conversation with the inside world, and demonstrates how ultimately the two resemble one another. With Camera Obscura and Tent Camera as his two most recent series, Morell shows his mastery over a lost craft, and the powerful and ethereal qualities camera obscura photographs can convey if handled carefully and patiently. 

[via Designboom]