Ivan & Alyosha is a band that plays music and Gilt is a company that sells clothes. Put them together and you get a well-dressed group of bros playing music in the middle of a cool street in NYC. Also, Nick Wooster will just magically pop up and shut the whole fucking scene down. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT NICK WOOSTER DOES. You know why I couldn’t be in a band? They’d make me be the guy that only gets to shake the tambourine. Shout out to those guys whose instruments were too big to drag out into the middle of the street. Those dudes just had to, like, stand there and move to the beat until they could shake their tiny ass instruments. Also, next time Gilt has a dope brand on sale, you dickbags need to stop putting everything into your shopping carts before deciding on whether or not you're gonna be a man. BUY IT OR DON'T. I'M TRYNA GET SOME ENGINEERED GARMENTS ON THE LOW LOW. QUIT COCKBLOCKING.