Très Bien Shop is extending their nearly unrivaled online dominance to a city near you. Details are scant (and enticing), but step one to joining the Swedish store in their virtual pop-up shops is to download their World Tour App. On each city's scheduled day, a time and location will come up on your phone, and the first handful of people to show up will receive free and super-limited World Tour T-shirts along with gift vouchers for more shopping at Très Bien. 

According to co-founder Jakob Törnberg, the Malmo-based store developed this project as a way "to do something for our online customers." The five locations were picked because they're "where Très Bien has a strong presence." But if you don't live near these cities, don't be too disheartened. Jakob told us that "maybe later this year, we'll take the tour to other places."

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