TV Series: Parks and Recreation
Actors: Amy Poehler and Adam Scott
Costume designer: Kirston Leigh Mann

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt are what you would call unlikely style inspirations. There's nothing over the top about their looks. But with that said, all politicians and state auditors of the boring committee could and should learn a thing or two from them. Knope doesn't take herself too seriously and it carries through to her outfits. The gray suits are alive and well, but she's not scared of prints or color. She's also not afraid of terrible perms and a wedding dress covered in newspaper articles and memos.

Wyatt has a uniform—plaid shirts and skinny ties. He doesn't stray too much from what he likes, but there's valuing in knowing what works. Plaid shirts and skinny ties are it for him. There is even a blog dedicated to his style.