The #Menswear Starter Kit: How to Dress Like a Street Style God

Custom Suit

Menswear Dog: Indochino, $379-$599
Next Level: 
J. Hilburn, $520-$850
You Only Live Luxe: Astor & Black, $650-$18,000

You know what's cooler than getting wasted? Getting BASTED. A custom suit is the ultimate mark of a #menswear dude. While going fully bespoke is gonna cost thousands of dollars, there are more affordable options, like made-to-measure. The difference between the two? Bespoke is a fully custom pattern and silhouette made just for you, while made-to-measure just modifies already existing patterns to fit you better. If you want something to fit absolutely, postively perfect, you're gonna need to drop serious dough for that.

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