Any plans on tweaking the design of the site? How important is the layout to the concept?

BEN: None! Man, we almost brought it back like 3-4 times over the years, timing was never right. We even played with a format that used tumblr. The layout is iconic to us, no interest in changing it. And yeah, I think its super important—when we launched back in the day people used to hit us like: "Hey, you guys write about cool stuff. Can help on your website design though, I think we can fix it." Ha! 

Find me another site that's so instantly recognizable and feels like it has heritage!


CHUCK: Simple answer: No. The layout/design of the site is crucial. It's come to feel iconic to us, which I think is a hard thing to achieve on the Internet. Sites constantly change, evolve, get slicker and smoother.

I sometimes miss "the old internet" and the site just is the perfect on-the-fence of old and new Internet age to me. Like Ben said, people will email like "Love the site but you guys could use an overhaul with the design let me make it better!" And its like, no! Find me another site on the Internet that's so instantly recognizable and feels like it has "heritage"!

The last post before The Brilliance! went on a three year hiatus.

When you write for the site (now, or back in the day), who do you imagine you're writing to? Did you/do you ever consider the kids who might discover the site for the first time?

CHUCK: We don't really picture an audience because I think as soon as we do that we become self-conscious. We just write what pleases us and what we think each other would enjoy learning and reading about. And I think when you do something completely for yourself out of passion, other people latch on and can appreciate that.

As for kids discovering it and having it really affect their lives, that's icing on the cake. That's never something we'd expected to happen but something we've heard from people. Its pretty cool and quite an honor.


When you do something completely for yourself out of passion, other people latch on and can appreciate that.


BEN: Honestly to a certain extent I'm writing to Chuck and Virgil. Cause that's how it started, Chuck and I just emailing each other so much back in 2003-2004. I mean I know there are kids out there reading, but Virgil always called it a time capsule, so maybe its like a diary?

Last one, what can we expect to see on the site now that you're back? What won't we see?

CHUCK: Saying "more of the same" sounds boring, but "more of the same" on The Brilliance! is a good thing. More interesting interviews, more interesting writing, now doing the Twitter thing and having fun with that. I think, also, we're trying to get some stuff out to people, get The Brilliance! aesthetic on tangible objects. Something to keep an eye on!

BEN: I hope we all post regularly! Ha! Hard to keep up with sometimes. More interviews and not just famous people or big names. Still want to feature the random kids on the come-up. We're even thinking about doing a little web store concept we've had in mind for some time, keep throwing ideas around. I want to start doing car reviews. We did one on the Tesla when it came out, would love to do more. 

We're so random, so no idea what you won't see. I don't know, probably won't ever see ads! Who knows though.

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