13. Josef Albers, Daniel Buren, and Hiroshi Sugimoto

Label: Hermes

Year: 2012

Some people can't have too many scarves, and if the brand Hermès was a person, they would be one of them. The company continues in its tradition of seeking out the most innovative prints for the iconic Hermès scarf by extending invitations to contemporary artists to collaborate in their creation. The continuing collaborative project is called Hermès Editeur, and consists (thus far) of three collaborations: German artist, Josef Albers, French artist, Daniel Buren and Japanese photographer, Hiroshi Sugimoto. The (extremely) limited edition scarves range from ones resembling Albers' most well known square-shaped studies of color, to Sugimoto's polaroids of prismatically reflected and diffracted light, and 365 originally designed scarves by Buren—one for each day of the year.