Year It First Dropped: 1999

F.C.R.B. stands for "Football Club Real Bristol," which is ironic because it's not real at all. Designer Hirofumi Kiyonaga created the concept of an imaginary soccer team, F.C. Real Bristol, in 1999, and the products are designed around the fictional players on the team. Nike was down to "sponsor" this team, and makes the gear designed by Kiyonaga. Darren Romanelli is a frequent collaborator with F.C.R.B., and reconstructed T-shirts, polos, and jackets in his signature style for some collections since its inception. Additionally, in 2004 SOPH shop designer and architect Nobuo Araki used the concept of a F.C.R.B. stadium to examine how to build an Earth-friendly, futuristic soccer stadium—taking F.C.R.B. beyond the realm of clothing and into ecology.