Borough: Brooklyn (East Flatbush)
Singature style: Thrift store finds with Native American jewelry.

MeLo-X is one of the most low-key rappers in New York City. Not because he's slept on. He likes it that way. From his early days of getting-down with Mickey Factz and the GFC, to hanging with the folks from Street Etiquette, MeLo-X has produced work that is as eclectic as his fashion sense—rapping over Gil Scot Heron tracks, amassing a thrift store-like style, and sporting his signature dreadlocks.

The rapper, producer, and DJ is able to combine elements of menswear like tweed jackets with a plethora of bandannas and heavy, beaded jewelery. If he ever chooses to come out from the shadows, MeLo-X could bring back the Native Tongues style (and sound).