Hours: Mon-Sun 11-7 p.m.

Website: chcmshop.com

Address: 2 Bond Street
New York, NY, 10012

British shopkeep Sweetu Patel was inspired to open his shop in 2008, stemming from an appreciation of well-made things. As such, the stuff he stocks in his Bond St. basement shop are pretty much all worth investing in. While you'll find plenty of brands from across the pond like Mackintosh, Stone Island, and Crombie, Patel definitely keeps his ear to the ground. That would explain why he also picks cult brands like Kazuki Kuraishi's CASH CA and weatherproof jackets from Arc'teryx Veilance on the racks as well. The best part? Like any passionate menswear aficionado, he knows the gear inside and out, and won't hesitate to tell you what makes any of the pieces so great.