In 1994, OutKast dropped the classic "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik." The album instantly put the Atlanta-based duo on the national radar, and they've been churning out dope material ever since. While the album's legendary status hasn't changed one bit, André 3000's personal style has undergone a drastic evolution in the 19 years since he and Big Boi became stars.

When he was just a local kid repping ATL, André Three Stacks mainly put on for his city with jerseys and caps. Then he promptly got weird with it, before returning to his roots and dressing like a southern dandy. OutKast's music has pushed boundaries and expanded the hip-hop genre, but it still ain't got shit on André 3000's personal style evolution. In what is probably the widest-ranging spectrum of style for any hip-hop star, this is Style History: André 3000.

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