So, I only found this super amazing coach’s jacket that features a cat holding what I imagine is a super dank nug of weed on it because I saw this cool backpack on a Tumblr dedicated to cool ass backpacks, but the backpack was sold out and bossman Schlossman has this rule that posts have to feature products that are actually available for purchase and shit. Something about featuring a product just because it’s cool is just a little too esoteric, even for us. Whatevs. Also, I’m pretty sure that the Tumblr I saw the backpack on is one of Angelo’s fifteen Tumblrs. I should give him credit for finding it, right? HAHAHAHA! FUCK YOU, ANGELO. I’M TAKING ALL OF THE CREDIT. IT’S LIKE YOU’RE THE REALLY TALENTED STUDIO BAND THAT ACTUALLY RECORDS THE MUSIC AND I’M THE SHITTY GUITAR PLAYER THAT JUST LOOKS GOOD IN LEATHER PANTS AND GETS TO BE A PART OF THE REAL BAND THAT BANGS CHICKS BACKSTAGE AND GETS ALL THE NOTORIETY. YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT FOR, LIKE, 20 YEARS AND THEN SOME FILM MAJOR WILL MAKE A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE UNTOLD INFLUENCE YOU ACTUALLY HAD AT FOUR PINS. IT'LL BE CALLED STANDING IN THE SHADOW OF MOTOWN OR SOME SHIT.