Streetwear has always been about shock value with an underlying connection—similar to the reason why people dug Eminem's Slim Shady LP when it first dropped.

Streetwear is also about collaborations. There might not be two more shocking brands right now than SSUR and Been Trill. People are still talking about SSUR's Project MVMNT booth, and Been Trill co-founders Virgil Abloh and Matthew Williams are not afraid to provoke conversation about their projects.

All that aside, the two brands have collaborated on a snapback. Que the hype. SSUR leaked an image of the hat, and we have a feeling streetwear addicts will need their fix. The co-branded cap also features an ode to Danzig-led punk band, The Misfits. And to build any further demand, Big Sean flashed his hat way, way earlier than anyone else.

[via SSUR]