Are you one of those guys that posts shit on Tumblr about Obama’s unprecedented reliance on Drone strikes? And reblogs really long op-eds about genetically modified organisms? Yeah, your blog fucking sucks. WE ONLY CLICK "LIKE" TO LOOK ERUDITE. WE DON’T ACTUALLY READ IT, HOMIE. Before the Internet, to look smart, you needed books and magazines and plenty of other shit. And now that we are all super into interior design and art, we need 'em all over again. Not to actually read, mind you, but to roll up our weed on and to look cool on Instagram. Korea's Brand Balance has absolutely no advertising and focuses in-depth on the design process of a single brand. For those of you keeping score at home, that's 1 point for Asian origin, 1 point for no advertising and 1 point for an incredibly random mission statement—THE RARE SNOBBISHNESS TRIFECTA.